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6.18.2010 Put it up my apse

I figured, since I mentioned these in my bio, I ought to at least post them here. SO, for your reading pleasure (baby), dirty rhymes about modernist architecture. The quality varies, I’m not certain I found all of them, and they may only make sense if you are an enormous nerd. Oh well, no one reads this tumblr anyway!

Also, I’m keeping some of the hashtags because they amuse me:

Hey Ruskin, I know, by your cheek’s hue/you’ll be excited to find out that my wood is true #imolestarchitects

You don’t think it’s criminal when I ornament you with my juice/so I guess you mean it different when you say you’re Loos

Hey LeCorbusier, this isn’t sexual conjecture/let’s rearrange this room Towards a New Architecture

On the structure of her body, you couldn’t fault her/I knew I loved her when she let me Gropius her Walter #gross

Used your red square to me espouse/now my bedroom’s become the Ah-haus.

You got functionalism down & you don’t need to boast/I’ll come up behind & give your modernism my post

Calling him modern is wrong, the historians’ll fight/All I know is that Frank Lloyd is so Wright

We don’t need walls, we just need space/Ludwig Mies shows me his van der Rohe-face

He’s got a form that’s meant for gropin’/so when Mies builds a room he keeps his plan wide open.

Ornament is crime, that’s plain to see/show me your form’s function, I know we’re orna-meant to be.

Hate on John Mayer, but sometimes he’s alright/when I erect my structures, I make them white. #modernistarchitecture #dirtyrhymes #racism

I build horizontal so I get all the hotties/LeCorbusier wants to jump my Pilotis


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